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Mema's Grooming & Boarding

Affordable & professional pet care by a Veterinary Technician in Roxboro

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Our Grooming Services

Services are offered in my caring and professional home salon. You can feel comfortable that your animal is being cared for by a veterinary professional in a safe and clean home environment rather than a traditional "grooming salon" which is often frightening for many pets. It is recommended that all dogs have DHLPPC (Distemper combo) and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. Any dog under 1 year of age MUST show proof of these vaccinations for protection of any puppies on the property. Max 6 full grooming dogs/day to ensure personal service!  

Shelters/Rescues (verifiable) receive a 20% discount on any service. I also maintain equipment to run fecals and cytology (ears only!) and cover OTC medications to treat the most common infections found. You must have permission from your licensed veterinarian to have me perform these services for you. By law, as a veterinary technician I must be under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. Most will be happy to provide a written statement (usually on an Rx paper) stating they will treat anything found by the licensed technician donating their time/service to the shelter/rescue person or organization. They may wish to speak with me personally before doing so if they have not worked with me in the past so they can verify my competentcy as a technician with a previous veterinary employer or come by to personally verify the condition/quality of my lab area.

 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
Tuesday thru Thursdays
Early drop-off and late pick-up is available for those that have to get to work:)

***New Clients mention the website to receive a free toothbrushing and toothbrush!***

Mema's Dog Grooming recommends ONLY Life's Abundance natural pet foods and treats to our customers.
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The Quick Clip
Are you in a hurry or just short on cash this month? Have you been keeping up on your dog's bath and brush schedule at home and they don't need a full groom quite yet? Now available for all dogs  is our Quick Clip service. This service is completed while you wait and generally takes less than 15 minutes. Bring your dog in for a quick refresher clip to keep them looking at their best and extend out the time between full grooming appointments. 
The Quick Clip includes a Sanitary trim, Face clip (eyes), and Paw pad trim out. It DOES NOT INCLUDE A BATH OR ANY BODY CLIPPING. Nail trimming or ear cleaning is available at our regular low prices. 
Quick Clip $25.00 Quick Clip with Nail grind $30.00

Full Grooming Service
Regular haircuts are essential to keeping your long haired pooch looking and feeling good. At Mema’s all dogs are handled with total care and kindness while receiving a professional, breed specific haircut—in a style that suits your needs. Mixed breed dogs will get that super look that they deserve that enhances their uniqueness. The lack of proper grooming leads to matting of the hair, which is not only unsightly and painful, but can become a physical threat as well. If mats are left for an excessive period of time and they begin to pin up against the skin, they can cause inflammation and eventually even small cysts of the skin. DOGS WITH MATTED FUR SHOULD NEVER BE BATHED UNTIL THE MATS ARE REMOVED! 
FULL GROOMING PRICES INCLUDE: haircut, bath with premium shampoo and conditioners, blow (fluff) dry, brushing, haircut, nail trimming & grinding, ear cleaning & plucking.
Sm. Dogs < 20 lbs $60.00* Med. Dogs 21-40 lbs $70.00* Lrg. Dogs 41-60 lbs $80.00*

All dogs must get bathed, even those that do not need any special type of grooming such as a haircut. Regular bathing and brushing not only keeps your dog clean and smelling good, but also serves many other purposes, such as reducing shedding and preventing painful mats. Bathing can also help your dog to have a healthier coverall coat and skin by eliminating and preventing fleas, hot spots, or dry skin. 
BATH PRICES INCLUDE: bath with premium shampoo and conditioners, blow (fluff) dry, brushing, nail trimming & grinding, ear cleaning & plucking. (add $5.00 for long or thick coat) 
Sm. Dogs <20 lbs $35.00* Med. Dogs 21-40 lbs $45.00* Lrg. Dogs 41-60 lbs $55.00* 
*Medicated or Flea Shampoo Add $10.00
*Long hair or doodle maintenance bath/brushout Add $10.00

Shed-Less Treatments
Shed-Less Treatments will make both long- and short-haired dogs look and feel better and have proven to reduce shedding by up to 60 to 80 percent. Ideally the treatment is even more effective with treatments performed every 4 to 6 weeks. Special shampoos and conditioners are used to release the undercoat making it possible to “blow-out” the coat with a forced air dryer. Remaining loose hair is removed with a special brush specially designed for eliminating excess shedding. Small dog Shed-Less Treatment Add $10.00
Medium dog Shed-Less Treatment Add $15.00
Large dog Shed-Less Treatment Add $20.00

Nail Trims
*** TRIM & GRIND INCLUDED WITH BATH OR FULL GROOMING*** The thought of dog nail clipping might be an intimidating idea. The last thing you want to do is hurt your fur-baby. However, it is important to keep your dog’s nails trim and neat, so you be sure to have your pet’s nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks. It is important to trim your dog’s nails because untrimmed nails can lead to a variety of problems. Broken or cracked nails are painful and will bleed profusely. In extreme circumstances, dog nails may actually curl and grow into the dog’s paws. 
Nail Trimming & Grinding $10.00 for cooperative pets. Additional for difficult cases.

Sanitary Trim/ Anal Glands
Clipping a dog’s genital area requires great care and the right tools. A “Sanitary Trim” refers to the genital area of either male or female dogs as well as the area around the anus. Some dogs never require such a trim but others are rather messy when they take care of business and need to have a channel cleared under their tails to maintain hygiene. Anal sacs are two small glands just inside your dog's anus. They are used for territorial marking thus allowing dogs to identify one another by means of the 'scent'. Dogs usually will release the liquid inside these glands on their own when defecating, but occasionally, especially with small dogs, these glands must be manually expressed by your groomer or a veterinarian. Unfortunately many groomers express the glands externally and can cause additional issues with the glands. At Mema's, our groomer is also a licensed veterinary technician. All glands expressed are done internally so they are fully stripped properly and safely. Often when these glands need to be released, you will see your dog “scooting” on the carpet or chewing at the area. 
Anal Glands (internal) $15.00 
Sanitary Trim $20.00 
Sanitary Trim with bath $10.00

Ear Cleaning
*** INCLUDED WITH BATH OR FULL GROOMING*** Statistics show that ear infections are the number one reason why dog owners visit the vet. Help prevent painful and costly ear infections by having your dog’s ears professionally and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Many small breed dogs have hair that must be removed from the ear canal regularly to avoid a buildup of harmful bacteria and/or yeast. The ear canal provides a dark and moist environment where bacteria and yeast thrive, so thorough cleaning is essential. 
Ear cleaning/plucking $20.00 
Ear infection microscopic cytology $20.00
Ear medications $30.00

Oral Care
Gum disease begins with the formation of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms in the mouth at the gum line. Plaque hardens into tartar which harms the gums causing them to become red and swollen, known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis will lead to gum and periodontal disease. This can lead to infections of the bone that hold the teeth in place, resulting in loss of bone, which can cause the teeth to fall out. Dogs 3 years and older have an 85% chance of getting some form of gum disease. Take steps now to help prevent this from happening! 
Tooth-brushing only $10.00 
Tarter Scraping (cooperative dogs only)$40.00

Going out of town and need a safe a comfortable place for your pup to stay? Boarding services are offered 7 days a week! There is a three dog per day maximum capacity so your fur-baby is guaranteed to get the attention they deserve and need while you are away and won’t be in a cramped kennel all day and night. You bring the food, dishes, toys, and even a bed if you wish so your pooch is brings the comforts of home and feels safe. Reservations are required and space is very limited. Receive $10.00 off bathing or full grooming service if staying 3 days or more! I do not accept any dogs with known dog aggression issues for the safety of all! 
Boarding per day dogs < 40 lbs $35.00   
Boarding per day dogs over 41 lbs $45.00

Other Add On Services
The price listed below is additional to the regular bath or full grooming price listed above. Extended stay charge (2 hours or more past completion phone call) $5.00 
*Additional Matting charge $5.00-$15.00 
Medicated Shampoo $5.00-$10.00  
Uncooperative pet charge $5.00-$10.00 
Frontline Plus (groomer applied) kills fleas for up to 3 months! ONLY topical flea preventative recommended by groomer. Groomer requires dogs to stay an additional 30 minutes after grooming to ensure they are completely dry prior to application to ensure effectiveness of this product. 0-22 lbs $15.00 23-44 lbs $20.00 45-88 lbs $25.00 

Please keep in mind that severely matted, senior, pets with underlying health issues, and/or uncooperative pets are at greater risk of injury from the clippers, shears, cages, and restraint equipment used during the grooming process and the groomer will not be held responsible in the event of injury. The greatest caution and care is used to prevent these rare injuries from occurring. No services will be performed until a signed Waiver of Liability form is on file. Also, dogs with severe matting may REQUIRE a medicated bath due to the poor condition of the skin that may be found under the coat.   Payment is due in full upon completion of service. A $10 fee is added to your next appointment for appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice.

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